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Full Version: Catching up/Other news
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Hey guys,

As you're all aware, I haven't been able to be as active as I have been in the past due to my new job and other parts of being a real adult living a post-college life.  I am still around and even when I'm not on the forums/IRC, I still do monitor the servers and have given some CT members access to our crucial services so that we have a good coverage in case of an outage/issue.  Here's a quick update of some noteworthy events:

1)  has been added to the administrators group on the forums and has been given access full backend access to most CT services.  If you're having an issue w/ something, please PM myself and freak.

2) We are hosting 2 mirrors in Europe for Ren-X patches/distribution in order to give Europe better coverage.  Our mirrors are in Western Europe (Amsterdam and Frankfurt).  

3) We have updated the DDoS protection on our server and it is resilient.  I will continue to monitor the server and make firewall changes as needed.