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Full Version: Latest A16 post from Madmole
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Guys I have been playing the crap out of it. I'm on day 22 of a fresh restart with one hour days. I haven't shown any more horde nights because well, its been seen enough. I'd post some videos but I gave my son access last Saturday and he's been glued to the pc next to me 16 hours a day since then, and I can't get a bit of silence to record and he's having so much fun I'm just letting it happen. Its good feedback too having someone play it. We're tuning things in. I think leveling is too fast, I am level 110 or so on day 22. Dire wolves are nuts. Just run if you see one or make sure you have decent distance and do some good rifle damage. They spawn rare in the forests, but are really fast, and follow you for a long long time. I was on my 400 engine bike and he followed me a mile a good half mile. Every time I looked back he was still back there following me. Its pretty cool.

I'll try to record tomorrow and get you guys another video. Skyscrapers are the bomb. I literally got a 6 hour thrill ride getting to the top and getting all the loot. It was more fun than most AAA games I've wasted 60 on, all in one building. The sleepers are the biggest game changer, but you can't really stop with that, there are a lot of cool runner up features like RWG, distant POIs, and just tons of little things that add up to the most fun I've ever had in a survival game. It literally is becoming the walking dead now.

I'm super proud of the team and A16. Its feeling like a beta but we still have a lot to add to alpha. Sorry its taking so long but the wait is about over and its freaking cool as hell. I just watch my son play its like wow the game looks so good now, and it looks like fun. Its one of those games you can watch someone play because its different every time.

Theres these new loot crates you bust open and they have random stuff. So looting is never the same for anyone any more. It's a lot of fun. I think you guys will love the skyscrapers, theres traps too you have to watch for. Its exhilarating but stressful too! I haven't had a rush like this in a game for a long time, maybe half life. But its so random you can't ever know what it might be like. That is where its different. This build is like that first time you played 7 days, it has that magic to it because its so much cooler. I know this is hype train, but damn I'm hyped. I can see the videos going up on youtube already on various spoilers I can't really tell you guys about.

Speaking of youtube there is some controversy about why I shut off comments and ratings. I did it the last time I was showing game play because everyone got so toxic. I don't have time to read or monitor youtube, reddit, steam etc so if people really want to talk about it they can come here. I will re-enable comments and ratings once the A17 preview videos go out. Its not that I don't care what people think, you guys know I do. Its just that I know everyone will be happy when the build drops and I don't have time to respond to all the stuff.

Anyhow we're working really hard and the bugs are down from 230 to about 130 so we're making good progress. They don't all have to be fixed before it gets to experimental just the really nasty ones.