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Full Version: Glitch Nuke
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[Image: 20170706000236_1.jpg]
[Image: 20170706000237_1.jpg]
[Image: 20170706000237_2.jpg]
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[Image: 20170706000238_2.jpg]


I know it's hardly visible on the screenshots, but the Nuke Beacon is glitched into the PP texture. It could only be disarmed from a certain angle.

Player: Jeffseid
Date: 05.07.2017
Time: ~ 23:55 - 23:58
Map: Xmountain
Server: CT Marathon

Please check the server recording.

We started disarming at ~ 9 seconds left, got the beacon to 96%.....

I know that this glitch can happen "randomly" / unintended. Though I doubt it, Jeffseid is playing RenX for a long time and knows about that glitch.


I can vouch for this, there have been instances of him employing glitch beacon PP on Tomb as well.

That guy also tries to attract attention and trash talks a lot, from what I heard. If you ask me, he aspires to be the next Max (minus team hampering).
These images should be passed onto the Devs as well,
If necessary i'll give them a copy of the demo.

Please make a copy of this on the renx site.
I guess I also 'glitched' a beacon twice the past month. I can't remember which maps, but I tried placing the beacon around a corner of the PP to make it less visible. Later players said I was glitching. It wasn't on purpose and I wasn't aware. For the future I will think about it, but I guess it's also something for the developers to look into since it can happen easily by accident.