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Maps playable on CT server - Luhrian - 05-07-2017

Hey guys,

You maybe noticed, that there are 2 custom maps from Thommy (Training Yard and Horoluge), which aren't added to the CT Marathon server.
I jut want to ask if they will be added to the rotation soon, because I'm getting really bored from the old maps and maybe it will be more interressting with some new maps.
And why we shouldn't do that, if we have a working ingame downloader?

RE: Maps playable on CT server - CoreDefender - 05-07-2017

On the CT AOW server there is Horologue and Frostbite, but no one ever goes on the AOW server anymore. When people do go on the AOW server they will vote for Frostbite when they see it, but then no-one seems to be able to download the map. I think Frostbite takes too long to download for most people, and then takes a long time to load building shaders.

There is another Thommy map that would be a good addition: CNC-Uphill
And your map CNC-ForestNight would make a great addition when it's finalized.

RE: Maps playable on CT server - Luhrian - 05-08-2017

Frostbite is still WIP, but I mean that 3 maps from Thommy, it would be great to see them on the CT server. I could maybe ask on the RenX forums what they think about it to make an extra patch for these maps.

RE: Maps playable on CT server - fffreak9999 - 05-09-2017

As much as I would love to add them to the Marathon serverĀ 

The following issues are the main concerns:

Training Yard - Too small (even by small map standards) for 60 player toleranceĀ 

Horologue - Long Download Time + Long Shader Build Time (Should be solved if added in a patch)

Uphill - Not had much chance to do testing on this map, but based on file size and from what I remember should not be an issue to add, if Thommy is fairly certain it is not going to be updated within a small timescale

Frostbite - As mentioned: Large Download + Shaders Building is a big issue. Otherwise, once added to a patch I will add.

RE: Maps playable on CT server - Luhrian - 05-09-2017

Hm, well, that are good reasons. Maybe you could try the CliffSide, which I have finsihed, after the testers have tested it. It is only 100 MB and have no package (there will come a small one for Minimap and preview image, but not that big). I had a very short lightning build time (like 30 Minutes) so the shaders shouldn't be a problem. But we have to test it first. I'll write you if it is finished. Smile

RE: Maps playable on CT server - fffreak9999 - 05-09-2017

I need to review Cliffside again to make sure, but if it is as you say, I don't think there should be an issue with it. Although I may do it around a patch date to make it so people download them around the same time as the patches.

RE: Maps playable on CT server - CoreDefender - 05-09-2017

The same thing happened again on the CT AOW server today. There were over 30 people playing on a regular map, then the game ended and Frostbite showed up in the map vote list. Frostbite easily won the vote for next map to be played, but by the time the map loaded only a couple people were able to load the map. It seems a typical RenX player cannot download that large of a map file with the in-game map downloader.

Frostbite is a 207 MB map download + another 81 MB for RX_Frostbite

RE: Maps playable on CT server - fffreak9999 - 05-09-2017

Yeah, definately needs a patch release since IGDL does not work too well on large files.