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Ban Query - BioZ 4D - 06-27-2017

Hi CT-Administrators!

2 weeks ago i was banned for a week without a reason.
Now i must hear, the reason was racism?
Are you <Removed> crazy???

Ok,there was a racist (dont know his name) online and someone start a kickvote but i didn't write anything. NOTHING,NADA,NICHTS!
I voted 2x yes for kick!

<Edited Out>

RE: Racism? - fffreak9999 - 06-27-2017


Please keep your language civil.

As for the ban:

1. I am assuming you spoke with Snake.

2. The questions he gave were quite specific, and since we don't necessarily keep exact records when banning (due to some fields in the ban table holding less efficient ways to ban people)

3. He said if I knew what you were banned for and he gave a duration of a week.
The last banned account (since no name was included in the ban log) with a duration of a week was for the reason of racism. It is quite possible, that your ban was a different duration, and therefore not quite a week, since when I ran my search duration was a key factor in that search.

4. If you want an exact reason as to why you were banned, please tell me the exact date and the rough time you were kicked from the game, and I will happily go through what IRC record logs I have.

P.S please don't rant it doesn't necessarily give people the willingness to help you.