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Another server reset before A13?
To reset or not reset: that is the question.

Should we reset the server and use lower loot settings to give it a "trial run" to see how it'll be for A13 and give us something to do while waiting?
I don't see why not, we're all basically waiting anyway.
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fine by me, haven't played in a few days, no point, might be a challenge to try something more difficult for a change.
Yeah, I am most likely the worst player out there and I have nothing more to do than build base as high as possible and shooting zombies for fun.
When is Alpha 13 supposed to be coming out?  I'm down for a reset

We should definitely take pictures before everything gets wiped though.
I suggested we do a "Little House on the Prairies" finale. Take some pics and then get the admins to TNT the hell out of all the bases and then stand back and watch teh fireworks lol
Crash the server with TNT after taking memoir screenshots
Unless anyone has any oppositions, the server will be reset this weekend.  
do it! my weekend starts, i can play this evening (= now) Smile
I'm going to keep the old server backed up so when we want to all hop on and destroy the old base, we'll still have it Smile


Server has been reset.  Some notable differences:

1) Difficulty has been bumped up to 3 (up from 2)
2) Loot abundnace is now 85% (down from 200%)
3) Land Claim Blocks don't do anything on this server anymore
4) Crafting timer is 1x (down from 2x)
5) Zombie spawn rate is 75 (down from 85)
6) Loot respawn time 15 (up from 7)

Let me know what you guys think about the settings.

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