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CnC-Eyes 5004 Preview
'sup Guys!

Some of you Guys have already noticed on the Official RenX Forum about my Progress on CnC-Eyes and now before the Map goes ready for 5004 - I wanted with Help from B0NG for an Test Server, to Test the new Changes where all the Players go on a Bug-Hunt!
I'll check the Map few Times before but ye, more Eyes (hö hö) see more as 2. I would be happy if you Guys get a look on the Map, check out some of the New Ways if they on some way broken, try to glitch somewhere to get out of the Map or on Locations where you should not can go. Looking for possible Balance Stuff, like B2B, "Sniper Heaven 2.0" and such things.

Ye, i'm sure i'll finish my Work already Tonight to give the Preview a Go on B0NG's Test Server.
Everyone who wants to help me, feel free to join the Server in the Next Days.

EDIT: Download link: http://constructivetyranny.com/renx/EyesPrev.zip

Greez. DaKuja
Community Mapper from: Renegade X
Once DaKuja supplies me with the files, I'll set up a server with auto-download via HTTP redirect as well as a HTTP mirror so you can download the map and install it manually (recommended).

I will also set up a server without a password so that others can hop on and try.  Please encourage people to hop on and give feedback.  This isn't a "Closed, exclusive, l33t members only test".  The more the merrier.

Let's all help DaKuja get the map more release-ready by the time 5.004 hits.  
I will look at it after I find my glasses.
I will try to join Big Grin
Set this up as second map for the PUG? Drop everybody in a new configuration and see what happens? People can download the map during the first round Smile
Link added to OP

Setting up the server now.

EDIT: Server is up with auto-download.
Floating rocks
[Image: 1zq5yz6.jpg]

Can hit Guard Tower without being hit whilst in a buggy
[Image: neggft.jpg]
[Image: 105acz5.jpg]

GDI back-tunnel entrance/exit.
[Image: 35ir3tk.jpg]

One Hotty can make its way into the Nod PP without a smoke.
One Tech cannot make it into the GDI PP without a smoke.

Rotate the GDI PP or set up some obstacles around the far side to provide protection from the AGT.
Alternatively, make it necessary for a hotty to need a smoke grenade to be able to enter the Nod PP.

One hotty with an EMP could take out Nod PP.
Whereas Nod would require 2 guys with a smoke, 1 guy with an emp and 2 extra guys in case any of the first three get shot down by the AGT and that's just to make it inside the GDI PP let alone killing it.

Balance plz.

[Image: v7avs6.jpg]
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Thanks for your Feedback, ye i'm working on the Infantry Sneaky Balance and build some more Cover in the GDI Base. Maby i should do it on a other Way.
Community Mapper from: Renegade X
Easiest thing to do would be to rotate the GDI PowerPlant?
(10-09-2015, 10:56 PM)(Lucifer)Madkill Wrote: Easiest thing to do would be to rotate the GDI PowerPlant?

Do this!

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