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Share your music!
Like a one word story, except for music!  We all like different genres, so post your favorites to give other people a taste of the kind of music you listen to!  One track per post, so make it good  Big Grin

I'll start:

I'm currently ridiculously into electronic music, but I've drifted between almost all genres.

Credits to Ryz for the idea!

These guys are kinda metalcore and almost punky at times.  This song has a really catchy melody.
One of my all time favorite songs and remixes ever. I usually listen to this whilst I am defending the base early game or sniping. Or just browsing the web. It has a great upbeat tempo and the synth chords are just amazing.


My favorite out of the new album, but he has plenty of awesome songs.
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Damn ya'll and your metal and rock lol anybody like Skillet?


The rap part is terrible, but otherwise a great song. I like the song Monster by Skillet. i think its from the Awake album

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