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Testing Session for CNC-Woods
Hello all,

Is anyone up for doing a playtesting session sometime this coming weekend (Christmas Weekend) on CNC-Woods.

This is going to be for making sure the balance is fine and no major issues and hopefully releasing it publicly for all Ren Players if it passes Smile

Please let me know your comments and if you would be willing to assist in releasing a new map Smile
Sounds good boss, I can put my server up if you want tonight even see if we can get some people on it? Is there a new version of the map at all???
[Image: archivem3sephv3yq7.jpg]
There's already a version on the testing server complete with HTTP auto downloading.
[Image: archivem3sephv3yq7.jpg]
I don't think it has the absolute latest version but it is available on the google drive
For any maps that I have created:

My Maps

This will take you to the downloadable files.

I can poke through it a second time right now, do you have the link?
^Bugged turret HP

^Remove turrets

^fog (fogdensity 0 on)

At its current state, Woods feels very incomplete. There's only two entrances in the base, both being blocked off by turrets. That already calls for an extremely stale map when it comes to infantry plays. There's no chance for SBH rushes, gunner/rocket rushes, or engie rushes to work if there's people camping in the turrets all game.

The vehicle path is too simple. There's only one exit out of the base for tanks, and the path consists of only one alley with hills and trees. In fact for vehicles, all Nod is ever going to need is Artys, as the rest of their vehicles have no real purpose or simply aren't as useful.

The hill where you can jump off to the vehicle path is going to be extremely frustrating to deal with when tanking because there's nothing you can do if there's suicide engies jumping off there every couple of seconds. Not to mention that heavy pistol spawn where inf can tag you annoyingly tag vehicles with no cost.

tl:dr there needs to be more diversity with the paths and entrances. there needs to be less BS ways to deal with infiltrators and tanks in the vehicle path. The fog needs to go. I'm sorry, but in its current state, I can't see it coming to the next patch. 
Hi Campin, The HP for the turrets are guard towers are actually not bugged, it is intentional to provide an increased early defense to the turrets, think like building HP but that HP disappears first, but this extra health cannot be repaired.

Your second points about the turrets, they were added to provide defense, but they are more of an optional defense, I can easily remove them without any major concerns, I just tried to give some way to defend against a rush, as this is available to both teams as a way to balance against infantry.

The 3rd point about the fog has always been a do I want it, or do I leave it sort of option, if people don't like it then I can remove it, I have never been too attached to the fog anyway.

Vehicle Path - I am looking at adding a 2nd path, which I will likely have sorted within the next day or so.

The overlook I feel is fine, since to get up there you have to run quite some distance to get up there, so suicide engies should not be a major concern. The heavy pistol spawn admittedly is quite strong, but will have a timer which will only spawn every few minutes.

Will post an updated version shortly.
Sneak Peak of Update:

[Image: WoodV2-1.jpg]
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