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In-Game name: XEN or nick Got banned on the CT server today
I got banned on the CT server today for nothing even if my ingame name was aimbot.
I don't recommend using aimbot in the future then? Wasn't my decision. Don't give people a reason to think you use one, you only make things harder on yourself ultimately.
I am not using aimbot but ok
I didn't say you were. I only referred to your name in-game since that is what you seem to think you got banned for.

I don't even know what you got banned for, but if its because you think you're too good you obviously know better than me whats suspect here.

If thats indeed the case, just send freak proof you don't so this doesn't come up again.

I've had to make my case for not hacking before at noobstories before so I understand your position here. I had to prove it and move on. Never had to deal with it again after that.
I am not even that good.

I miss easy targets and the videos are proving that.
Videos are not pure proof.
They only show the "at the time" information that is recorded on screen.
It does not show what is going on in the background.
You can quite easily hide UI elements but they can still have an in-game effect.
For any maps that I have created:

My Maps

This will take you to the downloadable files.

(02-07-2017, 04:17 PM)kzone Wrote: I am not even that good.

I miss easy targets and the videos are proving that.

Everyone misses..but, I don't see how you think you'e not very good. You're definitely quite a bit above average from some of the matches I've seen.

With you switching names to aimbot and such I don't really believe this modest attitude you're trying to push. You clearly know what you're capable of.
@Hohndo I might be above average and I am still not satisfied about my own skill level.
@fffreak9999 where is your proof then. Demos doesn't show shit just because you hate me doesn't justify the ban. Explain me how to prove my innocence ? 
You won't get much better playing this game. Maybe try something a bit more challenging to you? I don't think the people playing Ren-X will meet your elitist needs.

You had on average a little over 1 kill per minute during the long reservoir PUG, which was the highest kill count in that match at 143, I think? I'm pretty sure that was the number. I didn't pay much attention to deaths, so you might have died a bit more, but you would have to have a lot of up time to get that many kills regardless. That number pales in comparison to everyone else that played that day. poi only had 90 something kills, then I think the next highest was around 60, and it drops a lot faster from there. Not to mention a lot of those people are the more dedicated players and tend to be the cream of the crop here.

Not to mention a bunch of random matches I've seen you do quite well in.

The contrast there is so great it's like you're fighting bots in most cases. I can't understand how you don't find it boring if you getting better is really your goal here.

I don't think there is really anything I can add here. You guys just need to figure something out or you can just play on other servers.
If you like an game it won't get boring and the reservoir PUG was long.
Reaching 143 kills on a long game isn't really hard.

You need to explain to me what do you mean by kill per minute. I am curious to know mine

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