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Agent desu
I figured since I hadn't made any posts here yet, I'd might as well make an introduction for those who don't know me.

I'm Jessica, and my username is obviously Agent. I'm a developer (programmer) for Renegade-X, and have been into programming since I started messing around with Renegade in 2006, when I first toyed with Lua (I didn't get into C++ until 2007 or 2008?). One of my main projects is Jupiter, a code base containing implementations for an IRC client, Strings, INI Files, and some extra goodies. I'm a small business owner and a college dropout, who's also trying to find a decent game programming job.

Also, as per the "ABOUT US" at the bottom...
Welcome, Agent! Your work on Ren-X is much appreciated as is your help with other programming related things. It's good to see you around!
Nice to see you here, now we got our own Agent to Infiltrate the Brotherhood of Nod! Big Grin
Community Mapper from: Renegade X
Needs more RA.
Agent Ready Tongue
Busy writing everything, for everyone, for things I don't even know if I care about.

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