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Semi-Vanilla MC
Would anyone be interested? Crackpack seems waaay too complicated for me.
yea I would,I play in the EKT vanilla server all the time for the sake of fps Tongue
Nope, too boring for me I'm afraid . Crack pack is easy , just pick a mod and check the wiki on how to get started then have fun ! For example I'm using applied energistics to solve my storage needs by storing it all on a drive . You could also use buildcraft pipes to make your own auto sorting facility which is super cool . I'm using a few different machines to process ores and double the amount of ingots I get from them . I'm using tinkers construct to process ores and also craft super cool tools and weapons to help fight the hard mobs that the special mobs mod adds. Nero and sal are Using Magic for a lot of cool applications and I have build a massive reactor for my power needs ! There's lots to do on crack pack and it's not hard at all to learn any of it Smile
Yes, but I'd like to play an easy game rather than having to look something up every two seconds
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Youre missing out bro! You could do what i do, i built a massive ship! Dont have to tackle all the complicated mods, just build with the new blocks. The chisel mod just adds decoration blocks, its pretty cool !
I understand I don't have to go through all the new blocks and all, but I'm not crazy into MC, I just want a simple experience lol

Gonna set up a semi-vanilla MC (with bukkit or spigot or whatever it is nowadays) later today hopefully. Smile
(07-18-2015, 07:34 AM)super-Kh Wrote: yea I would,I play in the EKT vanilla server all the time for the sake of fps Tongue

For the sake of FPS and ping issues

I really hope someone's gonna finally take down the unneeded mods
It's up! Currently running AuthMe and Auto-In, if you have a legit account you won't have to login again after registering your nick, if you don't have a legit account you can play on the server too!

Permissions are not setup yet, might be major issues or no issues Smile
Fixed most of the issues with permissions, and added Skyblock!


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